Purple Star Veterans and Families (PSVF) is dedicated to strengthening the homecoming safety net for Veterans and their immediate and extended families and as important, for the families of Veterans who are not surviving homecoming due to suicide accidents, drugs and alcohol.

Our Vision is national policy change at a military and governmental level to dramatically improve the way we prepare military personnel for separation from service back to family, education, employment and community.

Our goal is to see the following programs developed and implemented by the U.S. Military to insure:

  • Every new Veteran leaves the military having completed a homecoming preparedness peer mentoring program taught by fellow Veterans
  • Every service member who has served in a Combat or Combat related job specialty is provided comprehensive health, wellness and decompression resources  to address the hidden wounds of war before they leave the military. 
  • Every new Veteran has a post-separation plan and follow up schedule with their local hometown VA hospital
  • Every new Veteran has a comprehensive homecoming preparedness plan for family, education and employment
  • Every Family has access to comprehensive homecoming preparedness training and resources before they welcome their Veteran home





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Purple Star Veterans and Families exists to unify the voice of Veterans, their immediate and extended family members and as important, the friends, advocates and organizations who support our Veterans.

We are moving toward our goal of creating needed support and change

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Together we are strengthening the Homecoming Safety Net

Purple Star Veterans and Families (PSVF) is a non-profit 501 c-3 Community Service Organization

Why People are signing the petition

E. C. Prior Lake, MN

My son, Jonathan Schulze died by suicide after returning from Iraq.

B. D. Fergus Falls, MN

I am signing this for my brother Trever Gould. He died from suicide in June. He didnt get the help he needed and had many things haunting him from Iraq. My brother died just a couple weeks after his 25 birthday. He tried to be strong for his family and not show that things were haunting him. Our hearts are broken at the loss of him. We miss him dearly. The pain from the loss of my brother to our family is so strong and to think that it is happening to other families is horrible. We do not want this to happen to any more families than it already has. Our heroes who protect us deserve to get the help they need. More of them die on our soil than overseas from war. They need the help and we need to band together to save their lives like they protect to help save ours. Its our turn to help them.

J. P. Olympia, WA

It was bad enough to almost lose my fiancé in afghanastan and the substandard care he received pushed him passed the point of no return and he took his own life and I’m the one who found him. I’m ashamed to say it was a relief. We treat animals better then we treat wounded warriors md discharge soldiers with out coping skills for the civilian world

M. W. Muskogee, OK

My father was a Vietnam Vet, and was undiagnosed with PTDS and Depression after he left the war. I was born over a decade after that, but he might have well had been back on the battlefield my entire childhood. I grew up with an absentee father that I saw each and every day of my life, and it left me with irreperable emotional scarring that took years of therapy to recover from. Once he finally asked for help when I was 17 years old, it was like I got to meet my Dad for the very first time in my life…the man I had seen every day was like a completely different person, suddenly. And I never want to make another child wait for their father the way I had to wait to meet mine.

C. B. Davenport, IA

My cousin wasn’t the same awesome guy he was after he came back from Iraq. I blame the war and the PTSD. I miss my cousin!

 S. S. Orlando, FL

I lost my brother and cousin to suicide and want to help others

M. B.  Abilene, TX

Guilt. I enjoy freedoms someone else paid for and I owe it to vets to stand up for them.

 K. S.  Tucson, AZ

My nephew was over in Iraq twice and the help was NOT there when he got back and he needed it. Now he is no longer with us.

D. C.  Amarillo, TX

My dad suffered from PTSD. Those who have never lived with someone who has this dont know what its is like. And even those who have lived with someone who has PTSD cant really know what its like, but to me, it seemed like Hell. People shouldnt have to go through this kind of Hell, but they put themselves through it anyway for our freedom. The least we can do is be there for them and help them. The least the government can do is get them the kind of help they really need.

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John Beckius December 21, 2013 at 1:08 am

My son Jesse was a former Marine with two combat tours in Iraq and a tour in Afghanistan with Lockheed Martin. He came home from Iraq and was diagnosed with PTSD. He came back from Afghanistan in June of 2013 and took his own life on July 29th of 2013. I have recently been introduced to John Henry Parker from Purple Star. If I met him six months earlier I think my son would still be alive. the work that John Henry and the rest of the Purple Star organization is incredible. this country should be ashamed that we are losing 22 of these brave young people a day to suicide. that’s more than we are losing in combat. what does that say about a country like ours with the resources we have. these young men and women are the best trained in the world when it comes to their jobs in the military. why aren’t they trained to same degree to come home? we are failing miserably. please sign the petition that Purple Star has on the website. we have to save these young people. John Beckius, proud parent of Corporal Jesse Beckius


Rose Hargrove, RN August 9, 2013 at 6:12 pm

I am a retired VA psychiatric nurse with PTSD and Lupus and am available to hold a hand or talk or show my respect as I have been in that dark place and while not physically perfect I honor our military. Every time they are the ones who deserve the love and respect of this nation. So whatever I can give I will. Please with my imperfections call on me.

With respect,


Paula Fothergill December 28, 2012 at 4:38 pm

To all Viewers of this website! I am Paula Fothergill, Carbondale Colorado Rotary Club President, I am strongly commited to working with our local Purple Star Families Veterans on their quest to provided equitable services for returning Vets and their families to rebuild relationships, decompress from the impact of War and return to living meaningful lives as Husbands, Sons, and Fathers. Please sign on to the petition to engage the Federal government agencies towards creating the Homecoming Safety Net process. Please pass on this website to your friends and co-workers, we need 25,000 signatures to start but the ultimate goal here is 1,000,000 Americans in support of this process. Help us make this a reality for our Vets and their families.
Thank You, Paula


Pat Horwitz March 8, 2013 at 1:57 am

I encourage everyone to sign the petition.
Our military men and women and their families deserve this.
They have intensive training when entering military life; they really need mentoring, job training and homecoming preparedness. They, and their families change during service and both need assistance with re-entry back into civilian and family life.
Thank you for supporting this cause.


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